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I create tailor made sessions to suit you. I never follow a set script but always aim to incorporate your desires/fantasies into what we do. So the more you share with me in advance the more you will get out it.When you arrive we will discuss your likes, dislikes, limits and, of course, safewords. Prior to attending a session with me it would be useful to know what your interests are, how much experience you have and what you hope to gain from a visit to me. Contact me here


We can explore particular role plays if you wish or stick with Mistress/submissive. There are plenty of things I enjoy doing. But above all I want to inflict fear, humiliation or pain on you during our session.I welcome everyone to visit me whether you’re inexperienced, nervous or complete novice. I ask that you arrive promptly and are clean, sober and drug free, respectful and obedient. Every submissive starts somewhere, I hope to put you at ease and take you on that magical journey, fulfilling you deepest darkest fantasies.


Before contacting me think about what you would like to do during the session and what you would like to explore. Nothing shocks me so please don’t be shy!I am expert at taking submissives to new highs, stretching you to the edge of your limits. I can show you what is possible if you wish to stretch those limits. My experience allows me to pace our session so you get the most out of it, not rushing you through to a premature finale, but building steadily to make sure we both fully enjoy our time together.


If you have any particular items of equipment you would like me to include in the session you are more than welcome to bring them along, but please let me know in advance.I insist on a clean, healthy and hygienic environment for your safety, as well as my own. Disposable equipment is used whenever possible.Players of all genders and levels of experience are welcome to visit, however I do wish you have a basic understanding of BDSM before your visit. If you are new to the world of BDSM and submission, I will guide you both physically and mentally to fulfil your submissive dreams and desires. There is nothing that will shock me.


My submissives leave our sessions smiling and satisfied. Their backsides sore, their heads spinning and their darkest fantasies fulfilled. You are more than welcome to contact me after a session to let me know you have returned to the “vanilla” world safely.


I am not seeking sexual gratification from any male submissives. Professional domination is not prostitution, I do not offer personal services.I do not work with clients who are drunk or under the influence of drugs, nor do I allow their use during sessions, please respect my rules.

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