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Welcome to my world


I’m a young, professional Domina who delights in CP, edge play and humiliation. Don’t let my youth fool you; my years of experience combined with a thirst for knowledge allow me to deliver the total package.




Through CP, needles, bondage or electrical play my willing submissives have discovered the firmness not only of my hand, but also the rasp of my tongue and the rigour of my protocols.




I live the lifestyle as well as delivering a professional experience. You can visit me in my own playrooms, attend fetish events together or just squirm under my command in a local coffee shop.


My submissives leave our sessions smiling and satisfied. Their backsides sore, their heads spinning and their darkest fantasies fulfilled.


Passionate about pain


I enjoy many aspects of BDSM, my own pleasures are met every time I inflict pain on your helpless body. Expert in electrics, nasty with needles, and cruel with the cane I will use every weapon in my arsenal to turn your pain into the most exquisite pleasure.


I help many to explore their deepest, darkest fantasies – making their dreams (and nightmares) come true. Nothing will shock me, don’t feel you need to hold back.




I insist on a clean, healthy and hygienic environment for your safety, as well as my own. Disposable equipment is used whenever possible.


Players of all genders and levels of experience are welcome to visit, however I do wish you have a basic understanding of BDSM before your visit. If you are new to the world of BDSM and submission, I will guide you both physically and mentally to fulfil your submissive dreams and desires. There is nothing that will shock me.

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